Maine Coon Cats

These cats usually live in cold regions due to thick fur and anti-water, especially in the abdomen, neck, and legs, having a very large body of between 15-25 pounds. However Maine Coon females usually weigh about 10-12 pounds.

maine coon cats maine coon cats maine coon cats
This beautiful cat is from one of the areas in Maine, USA, but the origin is still unknown to this day. The ears are large and wide oval eyes make this cat has vision and hearing are very sharp. In addition, a wide nose and a curved, arched forehead, prominent cheek muscles are characteristic of this cat.

maine coon cats maine coon cats
With the physical characteristics of cats owned this type, it is highly unlikely this type survive in tropical climate. Unless there are mountain regions that still have the cold air, then the cat is still possible types maintained in the region.
maine coon cats maine coon cats maine coon cats


Unknown said...

Your cats are beautiful! I have a Maine Coon called Jonah who is a silver tabby like the ones in the picture (the big fella anyway). I love him with all my heart but... he's in intensive care at the monet and at 13 1/2 years may not pull through.

jokerlom said...

Hi! I want to buy a Maine Coon kitten, and I really like the Maine Coon cats on the top left and the top right pictures (as well as on the two pictures in the center). Could you please tell me where I can get a kitten that looks like one of those cats? Thanks!

kushka53 said...

Save a life - adopt from a shelter. I have gotten 2 Maine Coons that way and also many other wonderful cats over the years.

Anonymous said...

Great article. I also reccomend