Black Cats' Myths and Beliefs

Because the cat is one of the animals that are close to human life long ago, it is not surprising that many myths circulating in the community about the cats, especially black cats. Black cat has many myths stories those exist in different countries around the world.
black cats black cats black cats black cats
Beliefs about myths in the various countries of the black cat had been there since the days of Ancient Babylonia. At the time, black cats presented in a variety of rituals to be burned as offerings. The belief persisted until about the Middle Ages.

Differences in Babylonia also vary with the country of Germany. In Germany, there is a belief that if a black cat jumped onto the bed people who are sick, sick people is believed to die.
black catsblack cats
While in the State Normandy believed when on a journey we saw a black cat that was crossing the road at night when the full moon, it will develop a credible epidemic. In Finland, it is believed that a black cat would bring the human soul into the afterlife.
black cats black cats
In a country of China, the emergence of these animals is a sign that those who attend will be exposed to the disease or being impoverished. While in India, animals are used as offerings in a way thrown into the flames to free the reincarnated soul.

Bengali community has a belief that there was a woman who could transform the human soul into a black cat and cat hurt anyone is going to hurt her, too.

At the Celts, animals reliably predict what will happen in the future. The druids who lived in the British Isles believe that a black cat is an incarnation of the people who have done evil in the past. So, people are punished for life as a cat.

In addition, the black cat is also believed to be the incarnation or the partner of the witches. This has until now believed in many countries those held Halloween festivals.

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