How to Take Care and Maintain Cats

Cats are animals that are very pleasant. The types of beautiful cats those have beautiful silky fur or is derived from the type of expensive Angora cats or Persian cat. Because cats have beautiful plumage and friendly behavior, a pet cat is quite popular. Popularity of cats as pets is almost the equivalent of other types of pets such as dogs or fish. In fact there are many households who keep a few animals at a time.
cats cats cats
If we intend to keep the cat, then we must first know the different types of existing cat and the characteristics of each cat. It is very important to do that kind of cat that we keep in accordance with the characteristics of their owners. Suitability character and cat owners really should be because usually if the character does not have a match they would make things uncomfortable for both the cat and its owner.
some cats are:
- Maine Coon Cats. Cats are typically live in colder areas because of the thick fur and anti-water, especially in the abdomen, neck, and legs… read the details

- Tiffany cat. The origin of Tiffany cat is still confusing. I still have not found best literature on this Tiffany cats. However… read the details

- Toyger Cats. Toyger cat species is particularly interesting because body shape is similar to a small tiger… read the details

- Siamese cats. Siamese cat type is a cat that most maintained as the number of these types of cats very much… read the details

Once we know the different types of cats, then the next is we also need to know how to care for a cat, so a cat that we have will always be healthy and able to grow and multiply. these following are the various tips on caring for cats.

- Give the cat food on a regular basis and with a portion of all consumables. Do not let the cat eat stale food because the rest of the food will usually result in the cat stomach disease.

- For specific types of cats, usually should be given food that is devoted to cats. Usually special cat food has the complete nutrition and highly recommended. Unfortunately, the price of cat food is quite expensive, choose them wisely.

- With a portion feeding properly addressed then we will cats avoid obesity which usually makes cats become lazy to move.
cats cats cats
- Always clean the cat bed so it is not attacked by the cat bug. Try to place the clean food plate and provide food on a regular schedule and at the same time.

- Provide enough drinks in containers so that when thirsty, cats can go directly to the drinking water by itself. Always specify the place to eat so that the cat does not move where when eating.

- Pet cats should be bathed regularly at least three times in one month or it could also be made on a regular basis once a week and use a special shampoo for cats that PH is low. After the bath, do not forget to brush cat fur so fall out hair does not bother the cat digestive system if accidentally swallowed.

- Perform health checks on a regular basis to take the cat to the vet. Give the cat vaccinated according to the health needs of the cats we are well maintained and is always in good health.

cats cats cats

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