Angora cat

One type of cat which has high value is Angora cat type. The full name of this cat is Turkish Angora, which is a kind of domestic cat. This type of cat is one kind of cat derived from an ancient civilization and comes from Turkey, especially Ankara region. That is why; these cats are often called Angora cat or Ankara cat.
angora angora angora angora
Angora cat has some special characteristics that distinguish them from kitten or cat a local village. Angora cat has a tail that is smooth with medium length fur. Cats bone structure is also evident. It makes the assumption that some angora cat has a kinship with cats Persian types. In addition, the Turkish Angora cat is having a relationship with Turkish Van.

At this time, there is more than twenty varieties angora cats. They are distinguished by black, bluish and reddish color. These Angora cat are tabby or white tabby, which along with varieties of smoke colored.
angora angora angora
Angora cats usually have beautiful eyes. Blue or other odd colors, an advantage possessed by this type of cat. With the smooth and thick fur character, making Angora cat is pretty fun to be a friend to play. Besides it’s adorable, cat is easy-maintain pet when we have to choose to the type of pet in the house. Funny adorable thing about the Angora cat is, when it runs its tail is standing straight. This certainly gives its own uniqueness and cuteness of the Angora cat.


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