catsCats are domestic animals that are kept by humans. They are thought to have lived and blend into the environment of human life since approximately 6,000 years BCE. It can be determined by finding the skeleton of a cat buried with humans on the island of Cyprus.

Cats have many roles in human life, such as a predator of various rodents which are the farmers’ problems. Even in a cartoon story, there is a picture of a cat who likes to chase rodents. Cats themselves are including carnivores with the Latin name Felis silvestris catus.

At the present time, cats are popular pets, and even some cat race has an official record of the lineage as kind Siamese cat, sphinx, and Persian. Cats with lineage officially recorded are generally cultured in the official pets.

Of the many cats in the world, estimated to be only about 1% is still having pure breeds and officially recorded. The rest is a descendant of cats that have experienced assimilation of different breeds.

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