Cat types by fur Color

Cats are among the animals that like cleanliness. We often see these animals licking their fur. That is because the cat saliva or saliva it is a very powerful cleaning agent, but can also triggers allergies in some people. Cats usually sleep between 12 to 16 hours a day. This is one way to save energy cat.

Based on the color, the cat can be divided into several types of them as follows.
1. Calico: These cats have a white base color with black spots. In Japan, this pattern is often referred to as the Mi-Ke. Because genes controlling coat color in cats is located on chromosome gender, this colorful cat is female.
calico catscalico cats

2. Tortoiseshell: Tortoise shell cat has a black base color with orange and white colors spread throughout the body. Black cat, light orange, dark orange and commonly referred to as Calimanco or Clouded Tiger.
Tortoiseshell catsTortoiseshell cats

3. Tabby: Cat with striped colors with various patterns. Classic pattern in cats is generally shaped dots or circles.
Tabby catscalico cats

4. Bicolor (two-color cat): Often also called a Tuxedo cat or Jellicle cat, Black cat with a little white on the legs, abdomen, chest, and perhaps also on the face.
bicolor catsjellicle catstuxedo cats


Unknown said...

I saw a picture of a cat on google that looks a lot like my cat. My cat has been missing for 8 days now and the picture that I saw looks exactly like her! Any idea if she cat that I saw was found by someone and brought to you.... I really miss my cat!

Unknown said...

**the cat that I saw

Kittylover said...

No very sorry it is very sad when that happens.

Unknown said...

I've just started a blog about living with cat types. Hope you don't mind me linking it?

Trent said...

thanks for this, i was trying to figure out the different terms.